Concrete Genie review — Heartwarming story, beautiful art, but tough controls


If you ever felt the urge to take a magic paint brush and beautify the walls of a dilapidated city, then you’ll understand the basic gameplay of Concrete Genie. This game lets you create, or “paint,” works of art, as if you were creating masterpieces with the simple flick of a motion controller.

You play as Ash, a young boy who longs to bring back the glory days and colors of the abandoned fishing village of Denska. It feels like Thatgamecompany’s Flower from the PlayStation 3, but it has more characters, personality, and a deeper story.

The game from Sony’s small Pixelopus studio in San Mateo, California, debuted this week for $30 as an exclusive for the PlayStation 4.

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Concrete Journey is both a tale about a boy saving a town and an inner psychological journey, played out on the canvas of a video game. Ash loves to sketch the way the town used to be, before an environmental disaster polluted it. And he dreams of bringing fanciful creatures known as genies to life.

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