Google Home and Amazon Echo apps just exposed a very dangerous security flaw


Smart speakers are becoming increasingly popular — offering quick access to an AI assistant who can change your central heating setting, order a takeaway, and answer any general knowledge query. Both Google Home and the Amazon Echo ranges are some of the most popular options available today.

Both products come in various models to fit in different rooms, and offer different features.

The duo both come fitted with chatty helpers called the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa respectively.

Each is not only incredibly capable, but they’re also compatible with downloadable third-party apps called Actions for the Google Home and Skills for the Echo.

While Actions and Skills both expand the functionality of the Google Home and Amazon Echo, it seems they can also be used by malicious third-parties to eavesdrop and phish on users.

Such claims come by way of security researchers at SRLabs that recently disclosed their findings in a blog post and a series of videos demonstrating how both smart speakers can be exploited.

Essentially, SRLabs showed off a horoscope skill for Alexa that is capable of ignoring a “stop” command from a user.

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