Google Pixel 4 will match iPhone 11 with a feature it should’ve had to begin with


Facial recognition is one of the headline features found on the . It allows users to unlock the handset without typing in a troublesome password, secure pattern, passphrase, or pressing their digit against a fingerprint scanner.

Google will even detect when you’ve picked up the latest Pixel so that it’s on the lookout for a face it recognises – to make unlocking even faster.

The Mountain View-based company is the first Android manufacturer to go all-in with facial recognition. While Samsung, OnePlus, and others have offered face unlock for some time, they also bundle in a slew of other options because the facial recognition technology alone is not secure enough to authenticate payments and banking software.

These options didn’t scan a three-dimensional model of your face, so could be tricked by photographs or prerecorded videos of your face.

Pixel 4 uses a system that’s much closer to the iPhone. It uses infrared projectors and cameras to build and read a depth map of your face.

But while the iPhone requires users to be looking at the phone to unlock (this can be switched off in your settings if you’re struggling to get the handset to see through certain types of sunglasses),

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