Google Will Require Android Phones To Come With Digital Wellbeing And Parental Controls


In recent times, we have started to notice a growing concern about people, especially kids, spending way too much time on their smartphones. This has resulted in companies like Apple and Google introduce tools that allow users to manage their time on their phones, and also more robust parental controls.

However, given that Android allows handset makers to customize the OS and create something more unique to them, this has resulted in different experiences across the board, but that could change soon. According to the folks at XDA Developers, it seems that they have discovered that in future Android devices, Google will require handset makers to introduce some form of digital wellbeing solution along with parental controls.

Companies will be given the choice of either loading Google’s own Digital Wellbeing tool, or they can create their own as long as it is able to match the features found in Google’s own app. If

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