Lenovo ThinkVision M14 Review: Next-Gen Portable Display


Studies after studies have proven that increasing the display surface area instantly increase people’s productivity. That’s why companies like Google gave workers dual-screen by default. Sounds good, but for the road warrior, it’s not that simple.

No one thinks their backpack is “too light” or has “too much space”, so every additional pound, if not every ounce, does count.

That’s where the Lenovo ThinkVision M14 USB-C portable display comes in (official ThinkVision M14 page). As the lightest portable monitor on the market, it showed great promise, but we’ll take a closer look to see how good it really is.

Industrial Design: Feather Light, robust

Lenovo’s industrial design is quite different from other offerings on the market. For example, the HP EliteDisplay S14, the ASUS MB16AC, and the Hori Portable HD Gaming Monitor Pro, are all common competitors. There are less common brands that we see at tradeshows sometime, but their support and quality have yet to be established.

The ThinkVision M14 display has a base that serves as a stand from which the display can swivel at any angle from flat to 90 degrees upright.

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