People are mourning the loss of Instagram’s Following tab, which let users snoop on partners and keep tabs on celebrities (FB)


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instagram following tabPaige Leskin/Business Insider

  • Instagram has started phasing out its Following tab, which let users see what their friends and acquaintances were liking and following on the platform.
  • Since users noticed the tab has disappeared, they’ve taken to Twitter and Reddit to mourn the loss of a tool used for watching for signs of cheating partners, keeping tabs on crushes, and stalking the activities of celebrities.
  • Some users have said they preferred the Following tab over the Explore page for discovering new content and accounts on Instagram thanks to who they follow.
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The Following tab on Instagram has started to disappear for some users, who have taken to social media to say just how unhappy they are that one of their favorite tools for stalking and spying on their friends is gone too soon.

Instagram confirmed earlier this week that it was getting rid of the Following tab — a feature showing the most recent liking and commenting activity of the people you follow  — after it was first reported by BuzzFeed News’

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