Social Media Bots Explained: Malicious Accounts and How to Spot Them


The term “social media bot” is no longer just associated with chatbots or customer service AI. Rather, social media bots have a far more unseemly reputation nowadays due to malicious misinformation campaigns.

But what exactly are these malicious social bots? How do you spot the different types? And are there tools that can help you sort real accounts from the fakes? Here’s what you need to know…

What Are Malicious Social Media Bots?

While there are different types of bots on social media platforms, we will be focusing on malicious political and malware bots. These bots differ from customer service bots or other automated accounts. For example, some bots such as Deep Question Bot are meant to be a fun tool for Twitter users to use. Meanwhile, bots like Thread Reader App turn Twitter threads into a page of text.

Malicious social media bots and fake accounts, however, pose as human users. They aim to manipulate public opinion on social media

How Social Media Manipulates You and Your Opinions

How Social Media Manipulates You and Your Opinions
Social media sites are pulling your strings.

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