There’s a VERY good reason to use iOS 13’s Dark Mode on your iPhone


includes a bucket load of new features, including granular privacy controls, a redesigned Reminders app, smaller app updates, speedier Face ID unlocks and up to two-times faster app opens on older hardware. Oh, and a new system-wide Dark Mode.

The visual overhaul swaps any parts of the iOS user interface which are typically bright white to either dark grey or pitch black. Apple describes it as “a dramatic new look for iPhone” and “thoughtfully designed to make every element on the screen easier on your eyes”.

However, the Cupertino company is seriously underselling its new design. Sure, Dark Mode is a pretty dramatic new look… but it’s also a massive battery life booster. And surely that’s what iPhone owners really want to know?

YouTube channel PhoneBuff has published a video that seems to suggest that the once-standard light appearance of iOS is a serious battery hog compared to its gloomier counterpart. PhoneBuff used a robotic arm to perform a series of tasks on two iPhone XS models in exactly the same order at the same time.

One iPhone XS was set in light mode, while the other was proving its emo credentials with Dark Mode enabled.

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